Know More About Common Outdoor Allergies

Pollution Allergies

Pollutants from factories and vehicles play a key role in the growth of outdoor allergies. With rapid development and increasing number of vehicles, air pollution in India has reached an all-time high. One must be fully aware of the consequences of an allergy caused by pollution.


Pollen Allergy

Pollen from plants, weeds and grasses are some of the most common causes of a pollen allergy. Though present throughout the year, pollen concentration is the highest during the months of spring (Feb-Apr) and summer (Apr-Jun). An allergy occurs when you interact with pollens that aren’t harmful to most people.


Mold Allergy

Mold can be easily found in various common places around us. Damp areas, wet logs and fallen leaves among others are prime breeding grounds for mold. They can release mold spores that have no impact on most people but can be allergenic to those suffering from a mold allergy.