Know about Indoor, Outdoor and Food Allergy

Outdoor Allergies

The world outside is a beautiful, busy place, and we frequently step outside the comfort of our house for work, school or just to take in some fresh air. But when you are suffering from an allergy, going outdoors can be quite a challenge and may even prove harmful in some severe cases.


Indoor Allergies

Home is where the heart belongs. It’s your home sweet home. We spend most of our time at home doing things we love with friends and family. It is a place of comfort where you feel safe and well. But when you’re suffering from an allergy, your own home can be a place where you feel the least safe.


Food Allergies

Food is a basic need of the human body and essential to being healthy and living a good life. But what if your favourite food can do more harm to your body than good? That’s the impact of a food allergy and it can happen to anyone at any given time. It is also important to note the distinction between food intolerance and food allergy, and not mistake one for the other.


Allergies vs COVID-19

There are some symptoms that are similar between the COVID-19 infection and others, which understandably can create confusion. We’ve put together an easy way to differentiate between COVID-19, allergy, cold and flu.

Allergies vs Covid 19 Symptoms